Welcome to the website of the Natural Capital Committee - the independent advisory body set up to advise the Government on the sustainable use of England's natural capital - our forests, rivers, atmosphere, land, wildlife, oceans and other natural assets.

Our work

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To meet its Terms of Reference up to 2015, the Natural Capital Committee has a number of work-streams. These include working to better integrate the value of natural capital into decision making at all levels; creating and trialling an experimental accounting framework that organisations can use to value the natural capital they own or are responsible for; advising on research priorities; working with Defra and the ONS to get natural capital into the national accounts; and, developing ways of measuring natural capital and identifying which assets are at risk.

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The 25 Year Framework

In its second State of Natural Capital report, the Natural Capital Committee proposed the idea of a long term framework (25 years) to analyse what needs to be done in order to better protect and improve our natural capital.  

If you would like to share any thoughts on the potential structure and content of the 25 Year Framework, please email them to naturalcapitalcommittee@defra.gsi.gov.uk​.


What's new

The Committee has produced its final advice paper to Government on research priorities for natural capital (16.10.15)

Following a workshop earlier in the summer with academics and the Research Councils, the Committee has updated its advice on research priorities. To view the paper, click here.

The Committee has published a discussion paper on Economic Growth and Natural Capital (09.10.15)

Following a workshop earlier in the summer, Professor Giles Atkinson has finalised an NCC discussion paper. To view the paper, click here.

The Natural Capital Committee has produced its final advice to Government (28.09.2015)

The Natural Capital Committee's fixed term comes to an end on the 30th September 2015. In advance of this, the Committee has published its final advice to the Government, along with recommended next steps on major NCC work strands, and a document setting out how the Committee has met its Terms of Reference. To view these documents click here.

The Natural Capital Committee's corporate natural capital accounting workshop

On the 29th April 2015 the NCC held a workshop on its corporate natural accounting work. the workshop proved a great success with a huge range of organisations participating. Read more about it and view the presentations on our CNCA page.

The NCC's third State of Natural Capital report

On the 27th January 2015, the Natural Capital Committee  published its third State of Natural Capital report, which recommends that Government, working closely with the private sector and NGOs should develop a comprehensive strategy to protect and improve natural capital.

The report presents a series of potential environmental investments that offer good economic returns such as peatland restoration and woodland planting. It also sets out an innovative framework for corporation to take account of their natural capital. To read the report, click here.

Investing in natural capital

The Committee, working with a Consortium of eftec, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) ABPmer and Regeneris, has reviewed economic evidence on the costs and benefits of protecting and improving natural capital. To read the reports, click here.

The NCC's new corporate natural capital accounting framework

An integral component of the Committee's third State of Natural Capital report is its innovative corporate natural capital accounting framework. This methodology has been tried and tested with four major landowners over the last year: Lafarge tarmac, National Trust, The Crown Estate and United Utilities. Corporate natural capital accounting allows organisations to report on, and therefore manage better, the natural capital they own, depend on, or are responsible for. We are pleased to publish the full report and accompanying "how to" guidance here.

Dieter Helm at the EAC

On the 21st November Committee Chairman Professor Dieter Helm gave evidence to the Environmental Audit Committee. He outlined the progress the Committee has made to date with its work and discussed a wide variety of topics to do with natural capital. Watch the hearing here

Why should we value nature?

Some people question why we should value natural capital.  This paper by one of our members, Ian Bateman, outlines why we think we should.

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