The Natural Capital Committee is an independent, advisory body which has been asked to provide advice to Government on the State of Natural Capital. These pages summarise the Committee’s main advice to date.

Summary of main advice – State of Natural Capital reports

Annual State of Natural Capital reports are the Natural Capital Committee’s main form of advice to Government. The reports bring together the Committee’s thinking on why natural capital should be integrated into the economy, and how this can be done. The first report was published in April 2013; the next report will be released on 11th March 2014. The third report is expected in early 2015.

Ad-hoc advice

Response to ONS consultation on Roadmap for national natural capital accounts (Autumn 2012)

The Committee’s Terms of Reference state that the Committee may provided ad hoc advice to Government, when requested. You can find out more about the Committee’s ad hoc advice below.

Comment on report from Independent Panel on Forestry (December 2012)

As recommended by the Independent Panel on Forestry report, the Natural Capital Committee published its Principles for guiding decision making regarding forestry in the UK.

Advice on Biodiversity Offsetting Green Paper (November 2013)

The Natural Capital Committee submitted a response to the Government’s Biodiversity Offsetting in England‘ Green Paper consultation.