The private sector owns and manages the majority of natural capital (the elements of the natural environment which provide benefits to people) in this and many countries around the world. In England, over two thirds of land is privately owned. Better management of natural capital can significantly increase the value we derive from it and so the way in which organisations manage their business can have profound impacts on England's natural capital.

CNCA enables organisations to gather natural capital information in a coherent and comparable format to aid decision making about the management of natural assets, to the benefit of both the organisation and society.

Over the course of 2014 we have piloted this framework with four major landowners, National Trust, Lafarge Tarmac, The Crown Estate and United Utilities. 

The pilot project is now complete, having proved a great success, and the Committee is pleased to publish several documents:

  • The main report to the Committee from the Consortium which contains the full CNCA methodology and details of the pilots;
  • A summary report giving an overview of CNCA;
  • CNCA guidlines which contain practical steps for organisations seeking to undertake their own accounts;
  • Testimonials from the pilots.

As part of the recommendations contained in the Committee's third State of Natural Capital report (here) the Committee sees a prominent role for CNCA: organisations should create a register of natural capital which they are responsible for and use this to maintain its quality and quantity. The Government should incentivise wider adoption and uptake of the CNCA framework outlined in the Committee's third report and consider requiring provisions to be made for the maintenance of natural capital.


 If you work in an organisation and would like to share your thoughts on the impact corporate natural capital accounting (CNCA) could have, please email

Corporate natural capital accounting


The Committee, working with a Consortium of eftec, RSPB and PwC has developed a framework for organisations to take better account of the natural capital they own, depend on or for which they are responsible - corporate natural capital accounting (CNCA)


Testimonials from three of our pilot partners 

The Crown Estate, the National Trust and Lafarge Tarmac, three of the organisations which piloted the Committee's innovative new corporate natural capital accounting framework have shared their views on the project. To read their testimonials, click on the buttons below