Third State of Natural Capital report


The report makes a series of recommendations to Government, building on its previous two State of Natural Capital reports.

The report:

  • Recommends that the Government should develop a strategy, action plan and investment programme to protect and improve natural capital within a generation;
  • Illustrates the type of priority action that is needed (both public and private) to secure improvements in natural capital based on a review of scientific and economic evidence.

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Summary of main advice – State of Natural Capital reports

Second State of Natural Capital report


The report has three key messages.  These are:


1.  Some assets are currently not being used sustainably.  The benefits we derive from them are at risk, which has significant economic implications;

2. There are substantial economic benefits to be gained from maintaining and improving natural assets.  The benefits will be maximised if their full value is incorporated into decision-making; and,

3. A long-term framework is necessary to maintain and improve natural capital, thereby delivering wellbeing and economic growth.


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First State of Natural Capital report


The key messages from the first State of Natural capital report were:


  • Natural assets are in decline and these trends should be measured;
  • Changes in natural capital should be properly included in national and corporate accounts;
  • Changes in natural capital should be properly valued and those values more effectively included in decision-making processes; and,
  • Stewardship of natural capital is good for growth.

Broadly, the report recommended the need for a new framework in order to:

  • Better measure and account for changes in natural assets; and,
  • Improve valuation of those changes to feed into decision-making processes.


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‚ÄčAnnual State of Natural Capital reports are the Natural Capital Committee’s main form of advice to Government. The reports bring together the Committee’s thinking on why natural capital should be integrated into the economy, and how this can be done. The first report was published in April 2013, the second in March 2014 and the third report was published in January 2015.