Economic Growth and Natural Capital
Giles Atkinson has produced the Committee’s second Members’ Discussion Paper entitled Economic Growth and Natural Capital. The paper examines the links between changes in natural capital and economic growth as conventionally measured and concludes that:

  1. There are compelling links between natural capital and the formation of human capital;
  2. Growth prospects appear to be jeopardised by the role that natural capital loss plays in too little overall (net) saving in the economy, using the UK as an example; and
  3. A programme of investing in natural capital could enhance economic growth prospects.   


Natural Capital Committee discussion papers have been produced by one or more of the Committee members in the course of their work.  The papers are directly relevant to one or more of the Committee’s work streams, although the views expressed in them are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the collective view of the Committee.

Unnatural Capital Accounting
Colin Mayer has produced the Committee’s first Members’ Discussion Paper entitled Unnatural Capital Accounting. This discussion paper is being used to inform the work of the Corporate Natural Capital Accounting work-stream, which aims to pilot natural capital accounting in the private sector context.

Members discussion papers