Investing in natural capital
To accompany its third State of Natural Capital report, the Committee commissioned a Consortium, led by eftec, to research which investments in natural capital offer good economic returns.
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Research projects


Metrics and risk register

The Committee is currently working to develop a system of measurement and a risk register for natural capital. These tools will help us better understand how the state of our natural capital assets affects the benefits they can provide to people. The risk register will flag up where these benefits are at risk.
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Corporate natural capital accounting

The Committee is developing a methodology for 

corporate natural capital accounting. In 2014, it will undertake a pilot project with a range of

organisations to test and refine this methodology.
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Advice on appraisal guidance
The Committee is undertaking research on how natural capital issues can be incorporated into public decision-making and appraisal processes.
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Research advice

The Committee is advising the Government on future research priorities relating to natural capital. Find out more

‚ÄčThe Natural Capital Committee has initiated several research projects. These projects inform the Committee’s advice to Government and others. Many of the projects are closely linked to the Committee’s work-streams.